What to Do on The First Date?

It might be your first time going on a date. You might be thinking to yourself: “What should I do not to screw this up?” Well, we’ve all been there before and the trick is not to overthink or analyze your date. But if you’re still not convinced and want to just be sure on what to do. Here are some tips and advice you can follow in order to make your night out an enjoyable experience.

Confidence, Attitude, And Being Honest Goes A Long Way

A lot of us think that the first thing to do on a date is to impress the person you’re going to hang out with. However, just being yourself and confident will surely make the night great. If you’re thinking that you lack the confidence, well the phrase, “Fake it till you make it,” really works. Try to boast yourself but don’t be egotistical. The difference is by being comfortable in your own skin and not being a boastful. But just because you’re being honest doesn’t mean you don’t put on some effort like being polite and be in your best appearance. First impressions are important because since your first night out will make or break if there will be more dates in the future. But just because you have to be polite doesn’t mean you have to lie—let’s say for instance you see you two have nothing in common. If you’re honest at the end of the night that you don’t think you two are compatible then it will make this easier for you and your date to know if this is working out. Also, if you’re straight forward that you’re normally a shy person or a bit socially awkward and it’s your first time dating someone then your date will admire you for being honest. If you have a tendency to talk a lot when getting nervous, how about instead of talking about yourself, ask questions. By asking questions, you get to know more about your date. And people generally like to talk about themselves so this will make your date more open and comfortable. But whatever you do don’t talk about your Ex or ask them about their Ex, it’ll just make things more awkward. Other than that you want to make your conversation as fun as much as possible. And the only way you can enjoy each other’s company is by being on the phone and really listen to your date.

And finally, who should pay for dinner. Ladies, if you really like the guy you’re on a date with you can always tell them you would like to split up the tab. This shows him that you’re genuinely interested in him and not just after his money or worse, you feel obligated to him. And for the guys, if your date didn’t bring up that they want to split up don’t ask. I know it sounds absurd that we’re living in this day and age and yet—men are expected to pay for the tab. But if you’ll bring it up, she might find it off-putting and it’ll make it really awkward. Unless she says she wants to split the tab then it’s all right.